Rock in Alvin, Tomorrow (and Beyond)

And here I’ll bet you thought not a damn thing happened out there in the south-of-Houston ‘burbs… There’s a new group operating down in the Alvin ‘hood called On Your Feet Foundation, and they’ve started putting on shows at the Alvin Bowling Center (300 Motel Drive — in Alvin, obviously). Which is very good news for all the culture-starved kids down there, believe me; it seems like this is something the area’s need for quite a while now, in spite of the success of the town’s favorite sons By the End of Tonight.

Anyway, tomorrow night (Tues., September 9th) marks the crew’s first-ever show at the bowling alley, and this time out they’ve got Halffnelson, who I don’t know, Lenny Briscoe, who I know and like a heck of a lot, and Airon Paul Dugas and Campfire Stories, both of whom I’ve heard good things about. It promises to be a cool show, and hopefully they’ll do well enough to keep it going — if you leave down that way, try to make it out, eh?

They’ve got some other stuff scheduled further on down the road, too:

  • 9/16: Linda Ln. & Giant Battle Monster
  • 9/23: Linda Ln., Giant Battle Monster, & Carpet Car City
  • 9/30: Ghost Storys, The Fuct, & Campfire Stories
  • 10/28: The Midnight Ghost Train & Campfire Stories

Details time: show times will be at 7PM, and assuming all goes well, there’ll be more to come. Oh, and if you’re in a band that’d like to play down there in the Land of City Bayou Runoff, here’s the group’s general manifesto:

We are two guys that book shows for the city of Alvin. Currently we are working through the good people at Alvin Bowling Center but eventually would like to expand to other parts of Alvin and to the greater Houston area.

On Your Feet Foundation exists solely to provide Alvin with diversity and entertainment in hopes to energize or revive a dying music scene (if there even was one to begin with) by showcasing the talent and art of Alvin and beyond. We intend to help out the bands we book by playing fair and treating everyone equally. Another goal is not to play favorites, if your band want’s to play a show OYF will do everything in it’s power to make it happen. Because creating an elitist society of musicians only hurts the scene and ultimately destroys it.

For booking please contact the foundation via email at oyffoundation (at) yahoo (dot) com or just leave a message

Good on ya, Alvin kids. Glad to see the kids outside the Beltway love the local music, too.

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