Cardinal Trait, You Already Know

Cardinal Trait, You Already Know

Cardinal Trait’s latest release, You Already Know, signifies the next coming of Southern-based soft rock. With every track there’s a show of talent, care, and an ability to cohesively carry a tune. With heard-before riffs and barely-there melodies, however, You Already Know falls leagues short in terms of originality. Throughout most of the tracks, the rock is soft, the melodies are underdeveloped, the rhythms are consistent, and the most emotion that can be conjured is simply one of agreeability. Overall, the album is a lethargic combination of simplified rock music and is for people who’ve ever wanted to hear what the love child of Matchbox Twenty, Ryan Cabrera, and 3 Doors Down would sound like.

(Emanon Records -- P.O. Box 545, 9521-B South Riverside Drive, Tulsa, OK. 74137;; Cardinal Trait --

Review by . Review posted Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008. Filed under Reviews.

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