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The Official Space City Rock Muxtape [4/03/2008 10:59:00 AM]:
Ladies & gentlepeeps, I give you, the first-ever super-official, fancy-shmancy SCR Muxtape, for your enjoyment and the hopeful elevation of the bands included therein. Gape in awe at its Houston-swelled glory.

Yeah, yeah -- I know they're likely a fad and are being slapped up left & right, but I swear to God, the muxtape thing is exactly what I've been looking for. I've wanted to do some kind of mixtape-type thing of all local H-town bands I love for a loooooong while now, and had toyed w/both putting up the MP3s themselves and creating our own SCR podcasts. Neither of which worked, the former because the prospect of tracking down & emailing every goddamn band whose song I wanted to post made me feel physically ill and the latter because I'm too inherently lazy to figure out how the hell to do a podcast.

The muxtape idea, on the other hand, appeals to me because it's so ludicrously simple, lets me put songs I love by bands I love up there without fearing I'm ripping food from their mouths (or that they're gonna grab me off the street someday and give me a beatdown, whichever), I can randomly stumble across cool music other people have up on their muxtapes, and I can update my own whenever the heck I want.

Which is the plan, by the by -- the Space City Rock Muxtape will evolve, if you will, as I add & remove songs over the next however long it lives. Songs will be both new & old; freshness doesn't matter, as long as I like 'em (as evidenced by the inclusion of Celindine in the current 'tape). Plugging the songs in there last night, I found myself wishing there wasn't a 12-song limit; I've already got a list a page long of songs to include in future updates. I'll post about 'em here when the songs change, and you can also subscribe to the RSS feed here & be updated automatically when stuff changes.

Anyway, here's the mix as of the moment, in playlist order:

  1. Teenage Kicks - "Bound For Glory"
  2. Stadium - "Nine Twelve Twenty-One"
  3. The Jonx - "Cashews"
  4. Celindine - "No Crest"
  5. Co-Pilot - "Low Earth Orbit"
  6. Piano Vines - "Sun King"
  7. The Gold Sounds - "College Radio"
  8. Fatal Flying Guilloteens - "Reveal The Rats"
  9. While You Were Gone - "Thief"
  10. Alkari - "The Code"
  11. Paris Falls - "Hazard Street Bridge"
  12. The Church of Philadelphia - "This Time Around"

(If you happen to be in a band whose song(s) I've got on the muxtape, btw, and you don't want to be on there for whatever reason, just email me at "gaijin" at "spacecityrock dot com" and I'll get it off there asap. Don't want no hasslin' from The Man, y'all.)

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