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And Sig's, Too! (And an Early Warning: Tiki Hotrod Art, May 12th!) [4/19/2008 10:06:00 PM]:
I suck, suck, suck. In my frantic rush to post about Record Store Day, I woefully neglected to give even the briefest shoutout to the wondrous, magical Midtown haven that is Sig's Lagoon (3710 Main, if you were wondering). Which is doubly stupid considering that in the past six months or so I've shopped there more recently and more frequently than I have anywhere else. Argh...

Sig's folks, I'm really sorry -- y'all are a fine, fine store, and I truly didn't mean to leave you out; I'm just a scatterbrain, is all. I've learned, btw, somewhat belatedly (been offline since lunchtime, I'm afraid, hanging with a certain midget who loves Shrek, rock music, and ice cream, in that order), that Sig's is participating in the Record Store Day shenanigans, and hey, since the day ain't over yet, and the store generally seems to be open late...why not stop by, eh?

Seriously, if you get a chance, even if it's not today, I'd give 'em a look, 'cause it's quite a place. And if you happen to be in the Midtown 'hood between now & closing time (which I think is midnight, but don't quote me), I'm told Sig's is selling all used vinyl at 50% off and are throwing in some cool promo vinyl, too. I hit Cactus this afternoon, and while it was a bona-fide madhouse, they had some truly neat stuff; I'm guessing Sig's is the same kind of deal.

Sorry again for the miss...but hey, while we're on the subject, it 'pears Sig's is having a bash of its own a little further down the road -- they're hosting the Night of the Living Tiki art show, featuring (duh) tiki/hotrod/exotica/skull/etc.-themed art by Crash (aka Cindy Raschke) on this May 12th from 6-10PM. It's a little ways off, sure, but it sounds cool, esp. as the art I've seen so far is pretty stunning and the music for the event will be provided by Clouseaux, Sig's owner Tomas Escalante's tiki-lounge-weirdness band and a badass crew I don't see playing shows nearly enough these days. They're awesome, truly.

That's it, then -- hopefully I'll get something up at some point on the craziness of today, but for right now I've gotta pack and listen to the sound of my glass courtyard door quietly falling to pieces as the warmth of the day leaves... (Lesson-learned memo to homeowners: if you have a courtyard w/glass doors in it, do not have any yard guys you hire weedwhack in there. Weedwhackers are very, very bad, and glass gets expensive when it's door-sized. Seriously.)

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