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SCR Goes SXSW. No, Seriously. [3/12/2008 12:10:00 AM]:
I know, I know -- it's about damn time. This little site/magazine/e-zine's been rolling for 10+ years (counting the "pre-zine" days, at least), and we're only now getting 'round to covering the colossal musical clusterfuck/lovefest that is South by Southwest. Despite the fact that the happy little Austin music festival has ballooned in the intervening years to insane proportions and seemingly includes every damn band you've ever-ever heard of (including, this year, a decent-sized pile from H-town), we here at SCR have, well, pretty much ignored it.

I wish I could say this was because of some kind of principled stand -- a steadfast commitment to only-Houston coverage and/or a rabid hatred of all things Hill Country, maybe -- but dammit, none of that's true (heck, I'm from the Hill Country). The root cause, really, is that I've been lazy as hell about it. In a typical year, I cringe as SXSW draws near, wishing & hoping I could just go and cover the damn thing, but then the Day Job and Real Life intervene, and so I'm left waving at the taillights.

Which, actually, is still the case this year, for me. Bills to pay, vacation time to save (promised my dad I'd hike the Grand Canyon w/him in June, so I've gotta hold onto my vacation days for that), kid to tuck in at night, bank account to keep solvent, etc...yeah, I'm out once again. Maybe next year?

This time 'round, though, things are gonna be different, and Space City Rock will indeed be covering Southby in the '08, even if it ain't your humble editor guy providing the coverage -- brave Space City Rock writer Brandon Hernsberger will serve as our First-Ever Official Roving SXSW Correspondent, and a huge "thank you!!!" to him for being so gung-ho about it. If all goes to plan, Brandon'll spend the next several days meandering from day show to party to whatever and back again, sporadically posting his thoughts & opinions on this little blog for all to read & enjoy. In between, he'll be attempting to corner various musicians/artists and ask them questions in the midst of all the chaos, which should also be very cool.

Anyway, keep your eyes out for the carnage -- it's gonna be very cool, I think. And if you see Brandon out and about up there in A-town (that's him up there on the top right), please be kind to him; buy him a beer or something, eh?

Other People's Coverage: If you yourself are going (or considering going) to SXSW, btw, I'd recommend checking out both The Skyline Network and the latest issue of ENVY. He's only been "back" a day or so, but TSN's ADR has already been a busy, busy boy, and he's put together an awesome little map of cool Houston bands appearing at SXSW/SXSW-area shows over the next few days. It's not all-inclusive, naturally, but it's still very cool -- he's got badass locals like Something Fierce, The Western Civilization, Sharks and Sailors, Indian Jewelry, Bring Back The Guns, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Satin Hooks, & Co-Pilot, among others. Take a look & see where your hometown heroes will be, then go & show some love. H-town bands need your support, folks!

On the ENVY side, Music Editor David Cobb has put together a stellar "Music Issue" this month, including a ridiculously in-depth scan of the various bands playing Austin this week. With writeups on everybody from Times New Viking to Chingo Bling to British Sea Power and listings of tons of parties & shows that're going on (not to mention "big" interviews w/the likes of Bun B and a neat feature on the rejuvenated Cactus Music), it's got my head spinning. If ENVY was like it's "Music Issue" all year long...well, I'd probably have to just quit this thing and apply for a job. Seriously. Great job, David. And SXSW-goers, make sure you pick up a copy on your way out of town...

Those of us left behind down here in Houston, meanwhile, will have to content ourselves with being Armchair SXSWers and enjoy the experience vicariously, both from this blog and these other fine establishments, all of whom will be doing some kind of SXSW coverage:

And don't worry that we're gonna leave the Houston crowd hanging -- no, no, no. Yours truly will be posting as often as he can about all the cool shows & such coming up, reveling in Blogger finally working once again (ah, the joy of being able to randomly type something in and hit "Post"...and having it work; feels so good...). Keep checking in, eh?

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