Hot Springs, Volcano

Hot Springs, Volcano

Giselle Webber is the kind of woman whose path you probably shouldn’t cross. She is obstinate in her presentation and has a voice that is strong and guttural and oscillates wildly as she belts out lyrics that are equally as brash and commanding. Webber’s Montreal-based Hot Springs recently released their first full-length album, Volcano, complete with a handful of songs that rock with unwavering intensity. There is a calculated arrogance to their lyrics and an unforgiving tone to the music that makes it instantly infectious. “Tiny Islands” personifies the band’s eerie but seductive pop fusion by intertwining angular harmonies with in-your-face vocal melodies. The album’s overall sound is a little hard to decipher at first, but once you let go and let Volcano be what it intends to be, with or without your approval, it won’t disappoint you.

(Aquarius Records -- 4446 St. Laurent, Suite 301, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H2W 1Z5;; Hot Springs --
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