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The Rundown, 2/16/08-2/29/08 (+ Good Stuff on the Horizon) [2/16/2008 02:57:00 PM]:
Crap, crap, crap. Not only did I miss out on the "official" Hearts of Animals 7" release this Tues., but I blew it Wed. night w/Sharks and Sailors opening for Dead Meadow, and with Grant Hart on Thurs. at the Continental Club, and with CEX and Satin Hooks last night. Damn.

Sorry, y'all -- my bosses at the day-job have decided I'm responsible enough to run my own projects, which is nice & all, but which means that my time for occasional slacking & taking a "blog-break" at lunchtime has dropped to about zero. My work days the past few weeks have been run-run-run, as soon as I get in the door. Not that I mind working, of course; heck, I like my job quite a bit, and I work with good people. It's been a big step up from past gigs at places like The Big Red H & Exxon, so I don't wanna mess it up, y'know?

Anyway, there's a lot going on in the not-too-distant future. On top of the about-to-happen stuff, I feel compelled to mention the following, even though they're not happening immediately:

  • Parts & Labor returning to town on 3/11 to give yours truly yet another chance to get off his ass and bask in their noise-rock glory (I'm sure that's the sole reason they came back through, right?)
  • Times New Viking & Great Lakes Myth Society are making SXSW-ish stops on 3/16 (at The Mink & Super Happy Fun Land, respectively)
  • The bound-to-be-incredible Gogol Bordello is finally coming to H-town on 3/18 (at The Meridian)
  • Slam poet/rapper Saul Williams and Dragons of Zynth are at Warehouse Live 4/1
  • Say Anything hit Warehouse Live 4/8
  • Mae comes to town again (missed 'em last time, but I heard from friends that the show was great) 4/16 at the Meridian
  • And to cap it all off -- dum-da-de-dum -- Cat Power will be at Warehouse Live 4/22. Which I've absolutely, totally got to see.

On the downside, some of the upcoming shows seem a little confused -- are The Slits playing both at Numbers on 3/10 and at Fitz on 3/11 -- and Lorene Drive apparently cancelled their show at the Meridian next weekend. Ah, well. Here's what is still on that looks good to me:

Sat., February 16:
Co-Pilot/Awake/Ringo Deathstarr/For That Day @ Walter's on Washington
Arthur Yoria/Bear Colony/Dignan/Buxton @ The Backroom (The Mink)
Carrie Ann and the Apocalyptics (CD release)/Tribal Lillies Belly Dancers/Opie Hendrix @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
Spain Colored Orange/The Drawing Board/Paris Falls @ Rudyard's
Argh. This one hurts. I've been wanting to see space-rock heroes Co-Pilot for a looooong time now -- they don't play out real often, these days -- but at the same time I love accomplished popster Arthur Yoria & nu-country act Buxton, have heard excellent things about Bear Colony (which includes members of Unwed Sailor & Lovedrug, if you're into either of them), like what I've heard of Carrie Ann Buchanan's countrified folk, dig psych-poppers Spain Colored Orange, and have been dying to see the uncategorizable Paris Falls. What's a boy to do? I think, sadly, that this one may come down to a coin toss...

Know Your Idols, featuring Bad Brains (by Eye Against), Jimi Hendrix (by Amplified Heat), Kiss (by Hell City Kings), Mötley Crüe (by American Terrorists), Black Sabbath (by Dead End Lake), Iron Maiden (by Until Dawn), Mötörhead (by The Drunks), David Bowie (by Morgue City), At the Drive-In (by Jalambo Chispa), Melvins (by Whorehound), Tears for Fears (by Mechanical Boy), & Adolescents (by Dicky Hands) @ The Meridian
Yeah, you know the deal -- all your favorite local people (in this case, mostly the heaviest of the heavy) fulfilling their rockstar dreams by pretending to be the people they idolized as young'uns. When it works (see: Panic in Detroit playing as Jawbox @ the Hootenanny a short while back), it can pretty damn awesome. And if it's not, well, hopefully it's at least funny.

Benefit Concert for Josh Shupak, featuring Perry Thomas, Patti Sullivan, April Kelly, Tom Tranchilla, & Brock Rodarte @ Mainstreet Crossing (111 West Main St., Tomball; 8PM, $20 suggested donation)
This one breaks my heart -- more info up here...

Sherwood/The Matches/The Higher/We Shot The Moon/Barely Blind @ Javajazz Coffee House (Spring)
Despite the glut of similar bands -- and the fact that they were the first band on the Myspace record label, which is just plain weird -- I actually really like Sherwood. See the review here, if you care. And local boys Barely Blind are pretty great; hopefully there'll be a review of their EP up here sometime soon.

Sun., February 17:
Death Before Dishonor/Die Young/Grave Robbers/Bottomfeeder @ Walter's on Washington ($10; 8PM)
I don't know most of these folks, but Die Young are pretty cool. All hardcore, I think, and there ain't nothin' wrong w/that.

Carrie Ann and the Apocalyptics/Fahl and Folk @ Last Concert Cafe
Yep, a second dose of Carrie Ann, in case you didn't catch her the night before...

The Delta Block @ Notsuoh
I'm afraid I don't know a lot about these folks, but they've been nicely persistent in their emails, and they sound like they could be darn good. Give 'em a shot, if you dare.

Mon., February 18:
Sabra Laval/The Wild Moccasins @ Boondocks
Sabra Laval has one of the best, most distinctive voices you're going to hear at a club 'round these parts, period -- she's husky and melancholy and dark without being mopey. And plus, I like what I've heard of the Wild Moccasins...

Calabi Yau @ i.am.we.commUNITY House (819 Land Grant, Richmond)
Tambersauro/Calabi Yau/Eat Grapes/Hear You Me @ Notsuoh
The people behind the i.am.we.commUNITY thing, Teri & Rich, are pretty great -- I honestly don't know where they get the energy to do all the stuff they seem to be into. Monday they're bringing in a band I've heard really good stuff about, Calabi Yau, for not one but two shows; the first is at their house out in Richmond @ 3PM, and then the second's up in downtown at Notsuoh @ 9PM. Whichever (or both) you check out, it should be damn cool.

The Riot Before/O Pioneers!!!/Altus/The American Sharks/Molotov Compromise @ The White Swan
Dunno most of these people, but I keep meaning to check out O Pioneers!!!, and American Sharks are an especially promising local punk band. Worth a shot, definitely.

Fri., February 22:
30footFALL/Latch Key Kids/Dig Dug @ The Backroom (The Mink)
Yes! This show is like stepping back to 1998, I swear. This marks the first appearance of the long-dead-and-buried Latch Key Kids since their late-'90s heyday, and damn, it's about time. Seriously, back then they were one of the best of the crop of Cali-style, speedy pop-punk bands floating around this city. Then there's 30footFALL, who thankfully keep reuniting on occasion to prove that they're still one of the best punk bands Houston's ever produced (they've been having a harder time of it lately, what with Butch being off at school on the East Coast), and Dig Dug, one of my personal fave bands from the proto-emo scene we had once upon a long time ago. I actually bought a record player so I could listen to their first 7" comp on Act Your Age. Good times...

Awake/Kvalla/Potbelly @ Rudyard's
Whoa. Never heard Awake or Potbelly, but Kvalla (which happens to include Danny from The Jonx/Houston Press/etc. on drums) play good, LOUD, sludgy, heavy-as-fuck metal in the vein of Mastodon or Isis. The one time I've seen 'em so far, my ears were ringing even with the earplugs in. Take that as a recommendation.

The Mighty Orq (CD release)/Tody Castillo/James Reese Band @ The Meridian (Red Room)
Ah, Tody. This guy's such a good, good songwriter that I got all embarrassed and starstruck when I spotted him at Rudyard's recently; I dearly wanted to (re-)introduce myself and pester him about his upcoming album, but felt like a big fanboy dork for even thinking about it. Seriously, he makes me want to burn all those old notebooks of half-written songs, 'cause there's now way they could ever compare.

HBC New Membership Showcase, featuring The Rising, DML Cartel, Sovern, Silenced Within, & Cell 13 @ Fitzdown
Not real familiar w/any of these folks, sadly, but this is an HBC show, and the Houston Band Coalition people truly have their hearts in the right place -- they've served as a union of sorts for some woefully under-appreciated rock bands (well, mostly rock bands) for, what?, almost a decade now? Has it been that long? Man...

Hero & Rad/GT Garza & V-Zilla/Mic Skillz/Pay La V & Roco/Remix/License 2 Thrill @ Fitzgerald's
No, I dunno a lot of these, but I have heard Mic Skillz, and he's damn good.

Sat., February 23:
Free Press 5 Year Anniversary Clutch-time Scheizzer, featuring Sideshow Tramps, Studemont Project, Ceeplus Bad Knives, Piano Vines, H-Town Zillionaires, & The Free Press Houston Clutch-time Orchestra @ Super Happy Fun Land ($8)
I really, truly, truly love the Free Press -- after watching a half-dozen or so similar attempts at a truly alternative newspaper die slow, painful deaths or overextend and crash (not naming anybody else, mind you, but I think the print version of SCR qualifies for the first category), I admire the hell out the FP crew for not only sticking it out but getting better and better each issue. They're who I wish I wrote for, if I, er, wrote for anything other than this here e-zine these days. Kudos, you folks, on hitting the five-year mark, and here's hoping you'll be around for five years more. (Oh, and there're some really good people playing the anniversary show, esp. my faves Piano Vines, who could literally sing the phonebook and make it sound amazing.)

Sun., February 24:
Jucifer @ Super Happy Fun Land
This one boggles my mind. Granted, I haven't seen the new SHFL yet, but if it's anything like the old, having Jucifer on the stage there is going to be like 10 lbs. of Rock in a 5-lb. bag.

The Gunshy/Mustangs and Madras/Come See My Dead Person/This Year's Tiger @ The Backroom (The Mink)
Yes, I am a sucker for freaky band names, and this show's got more than its fair share. Plus, This Year's Tiger rock.

Mon., February 25:
Joe Lally/Edie Sedgwick @ Walter's on Washington
I'm not really a fan of Edie Sedgwick, I must admit, but I figure, hey, what are the odds of us Houstonians getting to see incredible bassist Joe Lally (ex-Fugazi/ex-Decahedron/Ataxia) play here again any time soon?

Brand Nubian/Connie Price & The Keystrokes/Cosmo Baker @ Warehouse Live
Wow. I honestly hadn't realized Brand Nubian were still around -- I can't for the life of me remember anything they did, but I remember liking them back in the day, all the same...

Tues., February 26:
NOFX/No Use For A Name/The Flatliners/Latch Key Kids/The Hates @ Warehouse Live
And here we've got the second re-appearance of legendary locals the Latch Key Kids, plus big-time punk rockers NOFX -- who, oddly enough, impress me more & more as they get older -- No Use For A Name, & The Flatliners. As an added bonus, apparently fellow local punk icons The Hates (who've been doing it for longer than any of the other bands on the bill, actually) are playing an after-show deal. Here's your punk fix for the next three months, y'all.

Catfish Haven/The Redwalls @ Rudyard's
Okay, so does anybody know if this show's actually happening? The label people emailed to tell me to get on out & see it, but Rudz's calendar lists "Comedy with Carolyn Agnew". What gives? I'm not up on Catfish Haven, sorry, but I really liked The Redwalls' last album, so I don't wanna show up to hear some cool retro-'60s/'70s power-pop and instead get subjected to stand-up comedy. (Nothing against stand-up or Ms. Agnew, mind you, but I generally like to be prepared for that sort of thing, y'know?)

Aiden/Schoolyard Heroes/Farewell To Freeway @ The Meridian
Yeah, yeah -- I know they wear more makeup than Poison used to and apparently think they're vampires or something, but I swear, Aiden's latest album is actually really good. Trust me on this one. And I hear the Schoolyard Heroes disc is pretty decent, too.

Aunt Dracula/The Wiggins/Wicked Poseur/Bully Pulpit @ The Backroom (The Mink)
Now, with this one, the question seems to be not whether it's happening but where. I saw Aunt Dracula listed as playing both at The Mink and at Super Happy Fun Land. Anybody know which it is? Dunno a thing about them, by the way -- I'd go to catch the ever-weird Wiggins and Wicked Poseur, myself.

Thurs., February 28:
Paris Falls @ Boondocks
I dearly, dearly, dearly need to include these folks on the Featured Bands page, 'cause they're a bona fide local gem. Rock, raw and simple, with some classic-rock touches, a lot of emotion, and cool-ass organ sounds. (And to any PF people who read this, I promise that I will get a review up of Vol. II, and soon...)

Homeless Benefit, featuring Free Radicals, Peekaboo Theory, & Audio in the Pregap @ Notsuoh (all ages, free; bring old clothing/non-perishable food items)
Not sure if this one's still happening, either -- it's no longer listed on Notsuoh's Myspace page -- but I sure hope it is, 'cause it's a good cause and a good lineup. Love the Free Radicals, heard good things about Peekaboo Theory, and AitP are good people.

Fri., February 29:
Too $hort/K Notch & BLB/Bama Boyz @ The Meridian
Holy crap. All those memories of high school come flooding back... Make all the wisecracks you want, but Too $hort seriously paved the way for everybody from Snoop Dogg to NWA to Ludacris. Not sure what he's like now, but I remember listening to his tapes back when I was a kid and being blown away.

Thee Armada/The Finalist/Dremnt The End/The American Masquerade/Great American Actors @ Fitzgerald's
If Stadium were playing, this would literally be my absolute-perfect dream post-emo rock show. Thee Armada are great, I like the songs I've heard by The Finalist, The American Masquerade are excellent, and Great American Actors sound promising.

The Western Civilization/Papermoons/Another Run @ Walter's on Washington
Oooh, and another good one. I've been dearly missing The Western Civ lately, seeing as they got back from touring not long before the holidays, and adding the excellent, excellent Papermoons and Another Run, whose CD I really need to take another listen to, makes it even better. Between this show & the Fitz one above, this evening you've got your choice of some of the best bands in town.

Treehouse Project/Slivered (CD release)/Hearts Fail @ Rudyard's
Not a clue on Treehouse Project, but I've been meaning to check out Slivered for a while now -- frontguy Robin's been a friend since his Hayflick Limit days, and he's darn good at what he does.

The Last Starfighter/The Aerial Second/Breath of the Dying/Unchaste Entities @ Javajazz Coffee House (Spring)
I have to say, those kids in the northern 'burbs have it pretty good. Not only do they get some of the better touring hardcore bands stopping only in their 'hood and skipping Houston proper entirely, but they've got excellent locals like The Last Starfighter playing regularly. I've heard good things about Aerial Second, to boot...

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