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Friday Night Lights: Slivered + Western Civ + Super Happy Art [2/29/2008 04:31:00 PM]:
Dang, gotta make this quick. Some good, good, good stuff tonight, but I've blathered about Too $hort, Thee Armada, etc., once already, so I'm gonna skip those... If I could get out & about this evening, I'd be flipping my patented three-sided coin to decide which of these shows to be at:

Treehouse Project/Slivered (CD release)/Hearts Fail @ Rudyard's
I dunno Treehouse Project or Hearts Fail, but Slivered is a band I've been meaning to see for quite a while -- I've known bandleader(?) Robin Moore for a very long time now, going all the way back to his days in Hayflick Limit, who my own band used to play with and be blown away by every damn time. In the intervening years, he's gone a bit more "rock," I think, and has dropped the bass in favor of the guitar, but it sounds like he's still making some damn good music. Tonight's his band's ultra-official CD release up at Rudz, so go check it out, eh?

The Western Civilization/Papermoons/Another Run @ Walter's on Washington (doors 8PM; $7)
Damn, I love those Western Civ kids -- sweet, poignant, sometimes bitter indie-rock that's more confident and beautiful than almost any other band like 'em in this city. Plus, Papermoons rule, at least on vinyl, and sound like they'd be well worth seeing in the flesh, and I like what I've heard from Another Run, too.

Super Happy Fun Land Art Auction Benefit, featuring Indian Jenny, Poopy Lungstuffing, & more @ GLBT Community Center (3400 Montrose, Suite #207; 8PM)
Yep, the Super Happy Fun Land folks need our/your help. Here's the details (thanks to the Free Press for the info):

Hey folks, we finalized the location for our art auction benefit. It will be at the GLBT Community Center at 3400 Montrose Suite #207 on the second floor of the same building that the Sky Bar is in (right by that Kroger on Montrose near Westheimer). The auction will start at 8pm on Friday March 29th, and will feature entertainment by Indian Jenny, Poopy Lungstuffing, and more TBA, as well as food, drinks, and lots of great art for sale cheap! This event will benefit the Super Happy Fun Land occupancy permit fund. We are still looking for more people to donate art, performance, time/labor, food, drinks, and of course cash is always good too. If you would like to donate art or help out, give us a call at 713-880-2100 or email us on MySpace or at info@superhappyfunland.com , or you can donate money directly via PayPal to info@superhappyfunland.com

Give however you can, and be safe out there, y'all...

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