Built By Snow, Noise EP

Built By Snow, Noise EP

Sometimes dorks really do make the best music. Something about the goofy Buddy Holly-esque glasses, shaggy hair, and lankiness combines to create music that is clever, catchy, and not completely devoid of lyrical merit. Built By Snow may strike the average appreciator of music as just another indie-rock band out of Austin, but the one thing they have that sets them apart from the rest is their sense of humor. After winning a Battle of the Bands competition, the quirky quartet used their contest earnings to produce the 7-song EP Noise. Their sound is reminiscent of Weezer’s Pinkerton days, complete with silly lyrics, brash guitar riffs and distinctive vocal harmonies. “Juliana” is an awesome ode to geek-chic love; the indie-rock ballad has comfortably muted strumming that plays well against the more pronounced and emotionally charged vocals. The Noise EP, while not a nod to anything particularly new or innovative, is fun and unexpectedly impressive for a first release.

(self-released; Built By Snow -- http://www.builtbysnow.com/)

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