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Update: Buxton Interview & CD Release (Tomorrow Night!) + Foo Fighters + The Gold Sounds + Eldridge Rodriguez + more [1/18/2008 04:25:00 PM]:
Dang, two updates in a week; must be on a roll (okay, technically the last update was for stuff that went up last week, but still...). This time out we've got a brand-spankin'-new interview with La Porte's own Buxton, who'll be releasing their 2nd full-length -- as we've mentioned here before -- this coming Saturday, January 19th at Walter's on Washington, with Papermoons, By the End of Tonight, & Ghost Mountain. (That's tomorrow, btw, for those who have yet to update their calendars for the new year.) SCR writer Pedro was able to track the band down & wrangle some answers out of 'em, and reading the article I know that I, at least, feel enlightened as to the sonic possibilities of the mandolin, among other things. It's gonna be a good, good show, seriously.

And speaking of shows, Super-Duper Rock Godz Foo Fighters are coming through town this next Tuesday, January 22nd, over at the Toyota Center mondorena in downtown, playing with the ever-awesome Jimmy Eat World and Against Me!, who I know mostly by reputation. In advance of that, therefore, we've got a just-in-the-nick review of their latest album, released late last year, so read & listen & whatnot. I'm pretty psyched about the show, myself, partly because I will hopefully (cross fingers) be there to report on the goings-on; keep an eye out for that in a week or so, barring any unforeseen complications with tickets and such.

And yes, there's more. A little further off, on Saturday, February 2nd, Deer Park-livin' garage-rockers The Gold Sounds will be playing down at The Forum in La Porte...home, again, of the aforementioned Buxton. And The Forum is apparently run by Sergio of Buxton's parents. How's that for tying-in to the tie-in? Yeesh... Anyway, we've got a review up of Gold Sounds' new EP, too, and it is downright awesome, honest. I could listen to "Blow My Head to the Floor" and "College Radio" over and over again for days on end. (Well, if I weren't also weirdly compelled to keep shuffling between the Foo Fighters & Stadium's Change of plans, we're coming home in my car stereo, that is.)

Oh, but we're not done yet, no. We reviewed Beantown band The Beatings a while back and were fairly impressed, so they sent along the solo CD of the band's singer/songwriter/guitarist guy, Eldridge Rodriguez (I keep wanting to call him "Edilberto Rodriguez," dammit, after an old boss of mine). Check out the review of that one here, along with reviews of stuff by Denelian, Liars, and P.A.F. (the latter of which, incidentally, is connected to a guy up in Chicago named Kyle Bruckmann who I knew somewhat back in college; we're all connected, I tell you...it's a conspiracy...agh, my brain hurts...). Here's the whole pile for this go-round:

Interviews: Buxton.

Reviews: Foo Fighters; The Gold Sounds; Eldridge Rodriguez; Denelian; Liars; & P.A.F..

Keep watching the skies, folks.

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