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The Rundown: Got a Fish in My Dish... [1/25/2008 03:59:00 PM]:
No time for the "real" Rundown today, sorry -- there are many, many fine shows going on this weekend, but yours truly is totally swamped (and experiencing technical difficulties w/the site, to boot; argh...). I'm bound and determined, though, come hell or high water, to get my ass out of the house to see Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings play up at Walter's. I know, I know -- there are lots of other cool people playing, but dangit, how can it possibly get any better than a funkdafied, down-home, soul-singer lady who sings about how incredibly damn awesome it is to fry up and eat a fish you caught yourself? Answer: it can't.

(My one dilemma, by the way: how the hell do I dress for this? Those who know me know I, uh, only own one suit and wear it very, very rarely, so...)

Sadly, for those of you who aren't already going, well, you're out of luck, 'cause it's sold out. Sorry 'bout that. By way of a consolation prize, though, here's a list of other almost-as-cool things you could do this weekend, should you choose to:

Fri., January 25:
Spain Colored Orange/Heist at Hand/Paris Falls @ The Proletariat

The Ka-Nives/The Dimes/American Sharks @ Crocker House

Grand Opening Polka Party on Polk Street, featuring Poopy Lungstuffing, The Annoysters, Styrofoam Duck, & Muzak John @ Super Happy Fun Land (new location; free!)

Plump (CD release)/The Endangered Sea Lions @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

Poor Dumb Bastards/Black Novas/The DollyRockers/Shit City High @ Rudyard's

skyblue72 (2 sets)/Dertybird @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck

Dash Rip Rock/duneTX/Molly and the Ringwalds @ The Continental Club

The Black Dahlia Murder/3 Inches of Blood/Hate Eternal @ The Meridian

Eldridge/Spoken/Floorbound/The Last Starfighter @ Fitzgerald's

While You Were Gone (CD release)/Together In Pieces/Mercy, Embraced/Emulate/The Rocketeer/The Western Civilization @ Fuel Cyber Cafe (Humble)

Sat., January 26:
Texas Oi! Fest 2008, featuring The Templars, Pride Kills, The Booked, Belligerent 86, & Roots of Exile @ Numbers

Sole and the Skyrider Band/Telephone Jim Jesus/Giant Princess @ The Proletariat

Secret Saturday Show, featuring Bright Men of Learning & several other mystery bands & DJs @ The Shady Tavern (1206 W. 20th St.; 12-5PM, free!)

Born Liars/Something Fierce/Canyon of the Skull/The Monocles @ Rudyard's

Ladies' Night Out Tour, featuring Bell Biv Devoe, Toni Tony Tone, Keith Sweat, & Guy @ Reliant Arena

The Devil Bat (CD release)/Triplewide/Abigail und Hansel/ST37/Rotten Piece/Cinema Bomar @ Super Happy Fun Land

Sun., January 27:
The Lonely H @ Rudyard's

Damn, that's a lot of shows. Maybe I need to make some plans for Saturday & Sunday, too...

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