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Update: Meat Puppets + My Education (live 1/5/8) + Grey Ghost CD-Rs + more [12/24/2007 02:19:00 PM]:
Merry Chrismahanukwanzaamas to all! We here at SCR HQ are currently hip-deep in holiday insanity, with bellies full of cookies & eggnog & wassail & whatnot, but I didn't want to leave y'all hanging & wondering, "hey, what the hell happened to Space City since November?" We are still here, yes, and before the actual holiday hits, we wanted to let y'all know what's new.

First off, we've got a very cool new interview up with Cris Kirkwood, variously of the Meat Puppets and the Arizona penal system, courtesy of writer Tom K. Tom managed to catch the Puppets when they swung through back in October and corraled Cris for an entertaining Q&A session at about 2AM at the Proletariat. It's good stuff.

There's also a slew of new reviews up, including one for Austin-based instro-rockers My Education. The review's of a split-LP with weirdo glitch-hop guys Dälek, but they'll be playing with good-good-good locals Alkari and Hymn Six when they come through Rudyard's on Jan 5th.

We've also got a meta-review of sorts of the Grey Ghost CD-R series you can currently get a hold of up at Domy -- the review (by yours truly) is a little weird, particularly in that it's a review of three CDs you'll never, ever get. But don't let that get you down; I hear the latest installment, a CD-R of raw garage-punks Teenage Kicks, is up at Domy as of this past weekend, so if you make it there sometime this week, you might be able to snag your own for 3 measly bucks. (And yes, the band's good, although I'm a bit biased; anybody who takes their name from an Undertones song starts out a few yards ahead in my book.)

On the non-review front, we've finally got a couple more band writeups online, too. I'm not super happy with how they came out, but I found myself at a loss for appropriate words when it came to singing the praises of Hearts of Animals and Stadium, both of whom deserve large heaps of love from everybody, even outside this insular little/big city. And yeah, I know that with this HoA writeup and the Mlee Marie review linked above (as part of the Grey Ghost deal), I'm jumping a bit late onto the Mlee Suprean bandwagon. What can I say? I've dearly loved what I've heard over the past year or so, but I'm a Slow Bob when it comes to these things.

Interviews: Meat Puppets.

Featured Bands: Hearts of Animals & Stadium.

Reviews: Mlee Marie; BDM; Linus Pauling Quartet; My Education/Dälek; 1000 Miles From Home; The Story Of; Band of Horses; Caalma; Gnotes; & Tempo No Tempo.

See y'all in the new year!

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