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Damn, I Seriously Need a Time Machine: FOUND Comes to Town [11/27/2007 10:59:00 AM]:
Argh. Sometimes, I really, truly hate the holidays, mostly 'cause they totally fuck with my schedule of Stuff I Really-Really-Really Want To Do/See/Hear/Etc. There's always some Christmas party to go to, some office thing, some trip out of town, some pile of lights and ornaments to put up. It's totally non-conducive to getting to do cool stuff.

Case in point: at 8PM on December 7th up at Aurora Picture Show, the crew from FOUND Magazine will roll through H-town. Mag founders Davy and Peter Rothbart are on their "There Goes the Neighborhood Tour," going town to town all 'cross this fair land and spilling tales of weird, strange, creepy, funny, depressing things they've dug up over the years since the last ish of FOUND came out (they're on issue #5 now). Here's the deal from the FOUND Website:

Dang, you knew it wasn't safe. And you were right. To celebrate the release of FOUND #5 -- The Crime Issue -- our madman duo of Davy & Peter Rothbart are back on the road this fall on a 65-city, 36-state, 3-month rampage! At each show, Davy will share a trunk-load of sparkling, brand-new finds, and Peter will blast you with his new jams based on notes from FOUND #5. From November 12th to 18th and November 30th to December 5th, we'll be joined by our partner-in-crime, PostSecret's Frank Warren. Can you kick it? Yes you can! Come on out and join us for these parties!! Please bring your finds to share, and please let your friends in other cities know that we're headed their way!!

If you've never read the magazine, it's utterly mind-blowingly awesome, seriously -- crazy love letters, random detention hall scribblings, lunatic rants, and all manner of funny, weird shit that contributors have stumbled across in their daily journeys. (My personal favorite out of the issues I've read/seen was a little note with one big line hand-printed on it: "TOOK SOME HOES TO GET SOME BURRITOS".)

Sadly, when FOUND comes to town, I will not be there. I will instead by winging my way westward to the rugged wilds of Tucson, Arizona, to do The Family Thing and visit my one remaining grandparent while we she's with us. Which is cool, of course, but still: fuck, I need a time machine. Or clones. Clones would do the trick, I think.

I don't think I can even tell the wife about the show, by the way -- the fact that we're gonna miss this will break her heart...

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