Sharks & Sailors Gear Theft! Fuck.

Okay, what the fuck, man. Is there like an organized music gear theft ring operating in this damn city & targeting our hard-working indie-rock bands? Thanks to the Free Press blog for getting the word out on this oneMelissa of Sharks and Sailors has apparently had her trusty Fender bass swiped out of the band’s Francisco’s practice space.

This is really getting irritating. Look, you asshole thieves, the people you’re ripping off aren’t Metallica or Brooks & Dunn, but happen to be day job-working, non-rockstar, regular folks just like you who — unlike you, apparently — saved up their hard-earned cash so they could buy some nice gear & do what they love. And then shitheads like yourselves come along and take that away. Seriously, congratulations for proving yourself/selves as being the biggest dick on the planet.

Making matters sadder is that given that this was apparently one of only two things stolen from S&S (the other being an external PC sound card), logic would suggest that, hmmm, maybe it was a fellow bassist? Ya think? Unfortunately, that probably means the bastard’s NOT going to try to pawn that bass or sell it online somewhere, but will cling to it themselves and pathetically pretend they’re one-fiftieth the bassist Melissa is.

Anyway. If you do run across anything suspicious, like your bandmate suddenly appearing at practice one day with a sweet-ass ’62 Fender Jazz Bass he didn’t have last week, get a hold of the band via their Myspace site or email us here at SCR at “gaijin” at “spacecityrock dot com”. There’s a reward, according to the FP folk, but I dunno how much it is.

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