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Update: Live Reviews (Axiom!) + Qui + The Goods + Jennifer Gentle + Shows + more... [10/19/2007 03:49:00 PM]:
Damn, this is gonna have to be quick. We've got a bunch of new stuff up, two weeks' worth (sorry, missed last week's post), and there's a ton of awesome, awesome shows this weekend, to boot, that I'm not really gonna have time to talk about...

First of all, writer Peter (aka "Pedro") did us a fine-fine-fine review of the Axiom 20th Reunion Show, one that makes me very sad I was at home with a sick kid all weekend, and then Andrew waxed eloquent about William Elliott Whitmore's show recently over at Walter's. Check 'em out -- links on the homepage. Oh, and there's a ton of new reviews, so be sure to scroll on down...

As for shows, Qui are playing tonight (Fri., 10/19) at Walter's with Dizzy Pilot (sorry, Rustler fans, but the band apparently had to cancel...), and Chicago correspondent Henry reviewed the disc, caught the band's Chi-town show, and was blown away. We'd really be recommending this show if Rustler were still playing, but it'll be good either way.

Also playing are local boys The Goods, a live-together-play-together collective that's put out a damn fine album that gathers up all that I loved about '90s music into one tight little bundle. They're at The Engine Room tonight (10/19), Fuel in Humble tomorrow night (10/20), and Super Happy Fun Land this coming Tuesday (10/23). Wow.

A little further off, we've got American Steel playing Walter's on 10/30 with The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon, & Sundowner, and I'm here to tell you that their new album is in-fucking-credible. There's also The Monocles, who were kind enough to send a copy of their soon-to-be-released new 7", which is great, and who're playing 11/21 at Rudz with Born Liars, Welfare Mothers, & Black Black Gold.

Beyond that, umm... Check out the Magic Markers show tonight The Mink, The Phlegmatics tonight at Fitz, this cool-sounding marching band thing called March Fourth tonight at Notsuoh, and the Disaro showcase tonight at Super Happy Fun Land w/Wicked Poseur. Then you can head over to the Fallcore festival tomorrow (see here), followed by the Unusual Animals show with Cryptacize, The Wiggins, and the very cool Hearts of Animals (among others) over at DiverseWorks. Oh, and new local show booking crew Waste No Buffalo is putting on their inaugural gig tomorrow up at Walter's, with Wolf Explosion, The Mayapples, wood & felt, & several other people I like.

And, with that, I gotta go. Sorry for the lack of detailed review listings here...

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