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Hate Radio for the Troops? [10/03/2007 03:01:00 PM]:
Nice, Mr. Limbaugh -- if somebody actually fucking serves in the military and they disagree with you, they're "phony soldiers"? What an absolute, complete ass you are, sir.

Rush, have you ever served in any branch of the military? No? I didn't think so. So who gave you the authority, the expertise to decide who's "real" and who's "phony," you chickenhawk shithead? How dare you claim to speak for the "real" military, then turn around and declare that somebody who went to Iraq and, say, got a piece of shrapnel in his skull to show for it, is a fake because once he or she came back home they realized that what we're doing over there is the cause and not the solution?

For the record, Rush, here's what we "get" out of pulling out of Iraq: trillions and trillions of dollars that will be otherwise flushed down a hole in the sand for years to come; a half-step of respect from the international community (not that you give a shit about that, mind you, but our children certainly will someday); and the lives of all our surviving children, brothers, sisters, and parents currently serving over there. So, given that, what the hell do we "get" for staying? A big gold star saying, "WE WIN!"? A discount rate on bodybags?

Oh, and how's this for not being able to follow what someone says "intellectually": per your lambasting of poor Mike from Chicago, if you think the U.S. is fighting a losing battle and should pull out of Iraq, they're automatically not a Republican, is that correct? That's funny, 'cause I could've sworn that we get to define what party we belong to, not you. And we do that primarily not by jumping up and down and saying, "I'm a Republican/Democrat!," but by doing that oh-so-American thing: voting.

But hey, I've got no problem with your little litmus test, not really -- just make sure you tell the RNC leadership, okay? I say you get some far-right whackjob like yourself (Sam Brownback, maybe -- he's got clout these days) to introduce a resolution at the next Republic National Convention that says that any GOPer who wants us out of Iraq will automatically have their party membership transferred to the Democrats. More votes for us, fewer for you, so hey, what's the harm? We Democrats like to keep our tent nice and big and open for just these kinds of situations, after all.

Okay, so I'm venting, here -- it's just that listening to your little tirade has made me so mad I can literally feel my blood pressure rising, you weak little pissant. We need to stay in Iraq "as long as it takes"? Then why don't you pick up an assault rifle, slap on some Kevlar, and go man a checkpoint outside the Green Zone, asshole?

But hey, you can say whatever the hell you want; welcome to America, have a free cup of free speech on me, gratis. What you can't do, however, is use my hard-earned tax dollars to spout your hateful stupidity on Armed Forces Radio, which we pay for so all those so-called "phony" soldiers can have something to listen to on lonely nights out in the desert. Get your ass off my radio, you scumbag.

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