Update: Between the Buried and Me (Melt Your Head) + Sherwood + more

Yep, got the update for this week up early, on account of two shows coming up quick-quick-quick fast (um, like tonight…). First up, Between the Buried and Me play this very evening, Oct. 2nd, up at The Meridian, along with Horse The Band, Animosity, The End, & Scale The Summit, and after hearing BTBAM’s most recent album, Colors, all I have to say is: holy fucking shit. Okay, that’s not all I have to say about it — I just already happened to use up all my useful/interesting words & phrases in the actual review, online this afternoon. It just basically rewrites the book on metal, metalcore, death metal, and whatever the hell else and will melt your brain inside your skull. No big deal.

Show numero dos is tomorrow night, Oct. 3rd, over at Warehouse Live — emo-pop guys Sherwood will be opening for The Academy Is…, Sleeping with Giants, Armor for Sleep, & The Rocket Summer, and if you’re feeling down or lost or confused about life or whatnot, this is pretty much the show for you. Happy emo-pop shined to perfection, no lie. Plus, Armor for Sleep & The Rocket Summer pretty much rock, too… (Oh, and that review’s up here, in case you were wondering.)

A few more for this first week of October, too; here goes:

Reviews: Between the Buried and Me; Sherwood; Recoil; The Anthem Sound; Elcifasu; & Gordon B. Isnor.

More to come before Halloween…

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