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Festivals Out Your Ass!, Pt. 1 [9/28/2007 04:41:00 PM]:
Ah, festivals. Those super-extra-multiple band extravaganzas that bring together young & old, fat & thin, cool & lame, true rockers & poseurs. Houston generally seems to have a fair crop scattered throughout the year, especially touring deals like Warped and local biggies like the International Festival, but it seems like this fall has brought on a ton of somewhat smaller-scale festival-type extravaganzas, starting this very weekend:

Sat., September 29 -- The Proletariat's 5th Anniversary Party @ The Proletariat
This one's a pretty neato one, I think, 'cause not only is it the venerable (in H-town club terms, anyway) Prolo's 5th birthday, but they're throwing the party "Honoring The Skyline Network." Which is cool, 'cause while we're not best buds with TSN's ADR or anything (never met the guy in person, sadly), he does a hell of a lot of good things for the oft-overlooked music scene in this town -- if there's a new & good Houston-area band out there, chances are that ADR's mentioned it on his blog even before we've pulled our head/s off the pillow in the AM. I swear to God, it's like he never sleeps. And he's entertaining as all get-out as a writer, to boot.

Of course, since this is one of them aforementioned "festival"-type things, you know there're gonna be bands: DJ Melodic, Wicked Poseur, Paris Falls (yes!), DJ Paramour, You (Genious), DJ Witnes, & Spain Colored Orange will all be on hand to rock the mic/speakers. On top of that, ADR's come up with a swanky new t-shirt to be given away to the first several lucky bastards (I dunno how many showgoers get shirts, sorry) who walk through the door. And it's free, I believe, as is the pizza and Red Bull. (You gotta pay for the beers, tho'.) Admittedly, we're a bit tickled by the shirt, because it list pretty much every fucking cool band we've ever even heard of in this town, but it also includes, um, us, wedged in there between PennyRoyal and Notsuoh. Hot damn, we made it onto somebody's t-shirt...my mom will be so proud.

Anyway, it's pretty much guaranteed to be a good time, honest. Yours truly is crossing his fingers and hoping to be there, but as I am currently on the shitlist of She Who Rules the Household (and we're dog-sitting a friend's possibly-destructive wiener-dog all weekend), it may or may not happen. sigh. If not, I hereby order all and sundry to go and party in my stead. Or face my wrath, whichever.

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