Pigeon Eater Studios

4209 Washington
Houston, TX.
(832) 453-7757
Fax: (936) 273-5657 (include cover sheet w/”Re: Pigeon Eater Studios”; shared fax line)
“pigeoneater” at “gmail dot com”
Contact: Terry Nunn

Heard from one of the two owners of the place, Jeoaf Johnson, so I figured I’d put a little note up here about ’em. Johnson co-owns/runs Pigeon Eater with Terry Nunn, who also did the sound over at Walter’s on Washington. They do some good stuff, it sounds like, and have recorded everybody from By the End of Tonight to {The Monocles} to Arthur Yoria. Plus, they’re apparently doing cheapo-cheap rates for live, on-the-fly recording.

Studio writeup by . Studio writeup posted Tuesday, September 25th, 2007. Filed under Studios.

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