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Dead City Sound is the studio run by ex-Johnny Killed Rock n Roll co-owner Chris Ryan, who started the place up when partner Eric left for cooler/wetter climes in the Pacific NW (and who I think also rocks/rocked the house himself as part of God’s Temple of Family Deliverance). I don’t know Chris myself, unfortunately, but I’ve heard good stuff about folks he’s recorded, and if there’s a cool band in town, odds are that he’s recorded ’em at one time or another (Bring Back The Guns, The Jonx, Something Fierce, Sharks and Sailors, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, While You Were Gone, etc., etc.). Plus, it’s apparently cheapety-cheap — $25 an hour — because Ryan feels that even po’ local folks deserve to be able to afford decent recording services. Gotta admire the guy for that…

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