Slider, Fame! Fame! Fame!

Slider, Fame! Fame! Fame!

Something about Slider just doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe it’s the “post-grunge” phenomenon — they remind me a lot of bands like Fuel, Oleander, 12 Stones, or Our Lady Peace. For the most part, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Those are all bands (with the possible exception of Our Lady Peace) that seemed birthed of the clinical corporate rock machine in an attempt to give the “illusion” of rocking without really committing to it. It’s almost as if these bands are only dabbling in a certain style to ride the gravy train; even the distortion on the guitars sounds artificial to me.

Foo Fighters they are most certainly not, but Slider’s album isn’t that bad of listen. It does seem calculated and processed, but the band is pretty good at what they do. If you own any CDs that could be considered “post-grunge” or “modern rock,” or if you listen to any radio station calling itself “The Buzz” on a regular basis, then you could probably get down on Fame! Fame! Fame!. If you think corporate rock is a plague on society, and that Seven Mary Three was the first herald of the musical Apocalypse…then you might want to look elsewhere.

(self-released; Slider --

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