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Scary Movie + Jonah + Zombies = Hell, Yeah. [8/16/2007 09:46:00 PM]:
Some of more astute/observant out there may know by now that Space City Rock writer & co-publisher guy Mel House is not only a darn good writer and musician, but that his first real love is making horror movies -- the gorier and freakier, the better.

Despite me being a big horror flick wuss (I still have nightmares about Hellraiser, seriously), I've seen and liked some of his stuff in the past, and have eagerly looked forward to seeing what could happen once he got a little cash and a good story to work with. And going by the trailers for his soon-to-be-released latest film, Closet Space, it's gonna be worth the wait. Gory, yes, with some creepy-ass tentacles and all that, but I also dig what I know of the story -- I won't go into it here, except to say that mysterious doors to other dimensions are always cool. Check the MySpace for further details, but trust me, it's gonna be good.

Now, the reason I'm mentioning the flick now (finally; been meaning to for a while) is because, hey, it's premiering in one short, short week. On Thursday, August 23rd, at 9PM, you can check out Closet Space on the big screen up at the Studio Movie Grill at 8580 Highway 6 North & West Road. Oh, and it's freakin' free. Yes, that means "zero dollars," zip, nada. The only money you have to shell out is for the gas, and unless you're driving in from San Antonio or Nacogdoches or something, that's still cheaper than it'd be to go see a movie at the Splendifilm Googolplex nearest to your 'hood.

And yeah, okay, I've got a teeny bit of vested interest in the screening, because in addition to the main movie, Mel will also be showing the "zombie video" he just did with indie-rock hero Jonah Matranga. Which, as longtime readers (are there any?) may know, yours truly happened to be in. (Well, I was filmed for it, at least, which I know isn't a guarantee...) If I make the cut, you get to laugh at my stupid ass as I pretend lamely to be a zombie (although I'm sure it'll look good while I do it, obviously).

The song's a new one, "Not About A Girl Or A Place", and if you find me in person I can probably sing it for you, I heard it so many damn times over those two nights I was involved in the filming. (Happily, it's a good song; if you want to hear what Jonah's like in a more tuneful fashion than I can muster, check out his MySpace.) If you want to see heartfelt emo-rock set to shambling zombies, mind you, get there early, 'cause I think it's before the movie...

As if that all wasn't enough, on the next night, Friday, August 24th, Mel & co. are throwing the official wrap party for Closet Space at The Proletariat (903 Richmond at Montrose) in the best way to possibly throw such a party: by rocking the fuck out. Jenny Westbury (who I've heard really good things about but sadly keep missing) opens at 7PM sharp, followed by Mel's own band, ex-Cedar of Lebanon/Tie That Binds/etc. guys Radio Pioneer at 8PM or so, and then by Jonah, at about 8:45 PM. The show isn't free, but it's a "sliding scale" deal in typical Jonah fashion, where you pay what you feel like you can afford between $7 and $10.

That's the deal. It's gonna be awesome, I swear. Good indie horror filmmaking + silly/gory zombie rock video + full-on rock heroics = badassness.

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