The Sleeping Pimps, The Sleeping Pimps

With sounds as elusive as their whereabouts, The Sleeping Pimps strut their way through their first self-produced, three-song EP. The Sleeping Pimps is a flashback to the days of free love and flower power — “Medicine,” a syrupy-slow rock and roll song, is reminiscent of rock bands from throughout the ’60s and ’70s. The other songs on the EP, on the other hand, “Pray to the Sun” and “Lexus,” are more melancholy tunes that drift lazily and provide a complementary contrast to album’s harder melody. Singer/songwriter Kevin Christopher’s languid voice meshes well with the soothing strums and strokes of guitarist Brian Patrick and drummer Mark Tullin. Though little else is known about them, The Sleeping Pimps have managed to turn out a few quality songs that are representative of the potential they could possess.

(FYI — There’s no record label, sorry. The only site or contact information I could find on the band is, but it’s not a working site. This is the only info we got from them. Spent awhile trying to find them online via google/youtube/myspace, but couldn’t find anything. Oh, well…)

(self-released; The Sleeping Pimps -- 413 Hanna Rd. Apt. D, Ranchester, NY. 63021)

Review by . Review posted Friday, August 10th, 2007. Filed under Reviews.

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