My Loving Tiger, Problem Set

My Loving Tiger, Problem Set

The name My Loving Tiger gives you no hint of what to expect of this band’s self-released EP, Problem Set. What you’ll find is poppy (yet mellow) rock filled with quirky keyboard harmonies and well-written lyrics. The Minneapolis duo is made up of Justin Mazahn and Mark Kayser. The sound is slightly reminiscent of Edina’s favorite post-rock quartet, Mise En Place.

The four-song EP includes some cleverly titled and likeable tracks. In the opening track “Write Your Local Congressman,” the band depicts a lonely guy who got into debt solely to connect with humans via collection agency calls. He begs that you vote no on a legislative bill that restricts these calls or he’d lose all his friends. On a side note, the winter month only ballad, “Sorry, I spent all my money on natural gas…,” is less a love ballad and more about Minnesota’s real-life gas provider, Peak Natural.

The EP is well recorded, catchy and recommended. I am definitely looking forward to future releases.

(self-released; My Loving Tiger --

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