I Heart Myspace

Yes, sometimes I do. I’ll admit to being a late-late-late, almost-past-its-peak Myspace user, but I have to admit that I’ve been able to hear some damn cool bands (local and otherwise) just by bumbling about from profile to profile. Did some of that today and found some very cool stuff I’d never heard before:

  • Piano Vines: Oh, wow. The last thing I heard online that was this cool was fellow locals The Western Civilization; sweet-yet-strong indie-pop with vocals just this side of Elizabeth Elmore and a cool Palomar-esque feel. I need to hear more from these two.
  • I Miss Being A Kid: Okay, so I was initially suckered in by the Curious George picture — I have a three-year-old, so I kinda have to like George — but the music kept me here. Gentle, alluring folk-pop with a melancholy edge to it that’s reminiscent of Winterpills or maybe Bedhead. I’m gonna have to check these guys out, too…
  • Mantis: Shambling, rollicking, subversively funky/soulful rock with some damn nice keys. I dunno why, but these guys make me think of bands like Traffic or Blind Faith. Badass; the three tracks on their Myspace are definitely going in the ol’ iPod.

  • Yppah: One of H-town’s premiere DJ/remix/whatever guys, I’ve heard, although I’d never listened to his(?) stuff ’til now. Cool, organic-sounding electronics; some of it reminds me nicely of Bentley Rhythm Ace.

Check ’em out; if you haven’t already heard of ’em (I think Yppah, at least, is on an out-of-town label already), I’m guessing you will soon…

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