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Parts and Labor! Proletariat! Tonight! Whoo, Yeah! [7/11/2007 05:12:00 PM]:
[Ed. Note: Whoops. It's been pointed out to me that there are actually four people in S&S, not three. Which I knew, but blanked on, somehow, when I posted. Sorry, y'all...]

Tonight NYCers Parts and Labor return to H-town for the second time in, what?, three months? And damn if we (well, me, at least) aren't glad to see 'em. Last year's Stay Afraid was a speaker-destroying ball of staticky-yet-hooky noise, and it was great (esp. "A Great Divide," which I swear I hummed to and from work for about three weeks straight); this year's Mapmaker, however, is even better, a squalling, majestic stormcloud of melodic, noisy, blustery fury that makes me want to pump my fist in the air and make Rock Guy "whoo-hoo!" noises. Every time I hear the album, I can't help but think of the awesome, awesome, overpowering version of "New Day Rising" that kicks off Hüsker Dü's incredible live album, The Living End (incidentally, TLE was also one of the handful of albums I listened to back in college that somehow set me on the half-assed music-reviewing/playing path I've been on ever since). These three grim-looking guys take what are essentially poppy anthems full of yearning and run them through the biggest distortion pedal and amps you can imagine, and the sound is fucking spectacular.

Better still, they happen to be playing with one of my favorite local bands, a trio I can't say enough good thing about, Sharks and Sailors (who I'm told are busily recording for a new album, which is very good news). Pummeling, pounding, angry, but still melodic; I think they'll be a pretty good fit. Cool "experimental" rockers (yuk, yuk) Satin Hooks are playing, too (and recording a new album, as well; weird), and they just seem to get better every time I see 'em. Opening is either Black Congress or L.A.W.S., neither of whom I know a thing about, so you take your chances there -- even still, though, this is going to be a great show.

And because we here at Space City Rock love you, all of you (no, we really do; okay, maybe not you, but the person sitting/standing next to you, anyway), we've got a brand-spankin'-new interview with Parts and Labor's B.J. Warshaw up on the site. (Danny, you are The Man, and while we'd dearly love to keep you around, here's hoping the Press comes to its senses...) It's good stuff, if we do say so ourselves -- we're biased, admittedly, but still. Check it out, listen to the linked MP3s ("Fractured Skies," off Mapmaker, and "A Great Divide," off Stay Afraid), and then get your ass on over to The Proletariat tonight (Wednesday, July 11th, for the calendrically-impaired). Good shit, honest. We wouldn't lie to you.

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