Jascha Ephraim, Jascha Ephraim

Jascha Ephraim, Jascha Ephraim

If Daft Punk and Weird Al took some X and collaborated and then the asshole-womanizing-cokehead-singer of Koufax and Herbie Hancock decided to get in on it, the result would probably sound something like Jascha Ephraim.

Actually, most of the music here is is quality synth-pop, but the lyrics and vocals are fucking retarded. If you’re into joke bands, check out this band — at least the jokes are good jokes.

Really, though, this guy can’t be serious about this. I say “guy” because it could be a one-man-band; I can’t really tell by looking at the layout, which is also stupid. The ballad “T-Rex” sounds like Ben Folds mixed with preset samples and retarded, frugal horns. It’s worth a listen, as is the whole album, but the problem is that nobody cares about joke bands.

Just to prove my point, here are some retarded quotes: “You spend my money playin’ Lotto, with a five dollar scratch-off and a jumbo bag of cheetos”; “She creeps around like she’s an undercover ninja.”

This guy should play with Reggie and the Full Effect.

(Exotic Recordings -- http://www.exoticrecordings.com/; Jascha Ephraim -- http://www.jaschaephraim.com/)
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