Cyan, Cloud

Cyan, Cloud

Cloud is a great name for Cyan’s new EP, since this album is soft, fluffy, and light. The love-saturated subject matter, the soft major chords, and upbeat singing made me think of Shakira and Cheyenne, and it would’ve made more sense to hear a poppy diva belting out the high notes rather than hearing a Ricardo Montalban sound-alike sing the tracks. It comes off as a bit much. This is a pop-lite album that succeeds in making Lifehouse look like Slayer. Perhaps the album is bubble-gummy in order to appeal to a broader international audience, but blanding out the music like this only makes it harder to find any specific group that would enjoy it.

I realize that this artist is from Barcelona, and one might argue that I wouldn’t like it because I don’t understand it (although, I have spent time in Barcelona and have had a chance to listen to Spanish rock). The only song on Cloud that I actually enjoy, however, is the one Cyan does in his native tongue, Catalan — “Lo danse de nos reves” is put together very well, and all the Spanish elements come together. His accent didn’t overwhelm every phrase, and the instruments matched exactly what he was doing vocally. I could tell he felt much more comfortable singing in his own language than in English. It wasn’t my cup of Kool-Aid, no, but I could easily see how the Catalan community could embrace his songwriting.

I’d say this album is a candy-coated love soundtrack waiting to turn into a cartoon puppy with wet eyes. I know Cyan has the talent to be a great artist. Unfortunately, the fact that I am not part of his chief demographic (middle-aged single women?) will keep me from purchasing a Cyan CD. I’d let this Cloud pass over head.

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