Holy Shit! Pt. 1: Guilloteens

Damn, damn, damn. Y’know, I just knew it was too good to last; when Brian McManus moved off to Philly, I’d pretty much figured that, hey, that would be that for H-town’s own Fatal Flying Guilloteens, aka “The Joke Band That Not Only Wouldn’t Die, But Kept Getting Stronger as the Days Went By.” They’d had their fair share of lineup changes, sure, but really, McManus always seemed like he was the, well, guts of the band, so to speak. Roy and Mike and John would hammer away in damn-near-perfect time, which was (and is) awesome, but it was Brian’s skronking, squealing, halfway-to-crazy guitars that threw off a lot of the band’s sparks. Plus, for being a relatively nice guy, he always kinda felt unpredictable, like dealing with my wife’s shitty little dachshund — he’s a cute little guy, sure, but he’s also blind and batshit crazy, so when you reach down to pet him your odds of getting a friendly lick or a gaping flesh would in your hand are about even. So yes, Brian’s like my dog. Kind of.

Anyway, getting back on track… I was fairly relieved to hear that Mr. Filthy McNasty himself would be staying in the band, despite being Pennsylvania-bound. And the last time I caught the band, they were in fine, fine form, definitely. But alas, it was not to be — according to the Press, after tonight’s show with Matt and Kim and O Pioneers!!! up at The Mink, His McNastiness will be gone for good, a Guilloteen in memory only. And he swears that this time it’s the real deal. Crap, crap, crap.

If any of the FFG crew reads this, I’d like to beg and plead with you a moment to please keep it together; don’t let this kill the band, alright? McManus certainly can’t be replaced, but please-please-please try to keep on truckin’, okay? While we’ll miss Brian, some of us folks out here are desperately looking forward to Quantum Fucking (the band’s upcoming release on Frenchkiss Recs), even still… As for Brian, he’ll always remain in our hearts, not least of which for attacking yours truly with a guitar waaaaay back when at The Oven. Ah, what fun.

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