A Couple of Cool Things to Watch

Just a little time-wastage for the workday…

  1. If you’ve never seen any traceurs in action, you have got to check out the video below. I’ve seen some more involved parkour/free running stuff recently, both in Luc Besson’s District 13 (which stars the guy in this video, David Belle) and in the new James Bond flick, and it’s absolutely fucking incredible. This particular video’s a little more low-key, but it still amazes me that the guy makes it look so damn easy. It’s crazy.

    (If you can’t view the embedded video, by the way, go here.)

  2. And yes, while I’m as curious as anybody to see 28 Weeks Later, it ain’t the fantasy/horror/whatever flick I’m most looking forward to seeing. This is:

    I missed Night Watch in the theaters, unfortunately, but was left with my mouth hanging open when I finally caught it on DVD. Who knew Russian films could be so freakin’ cool? Going by the trailer, Day Watch is going to be even better. Just don’t think too hard about the fact that yes, the forces of Light and Dark are fighting over a piece of chalk. Real-world wars have been fought over stupider things.

    (Again, here’s the link.)

Of course, there’s always the now-infamous Will Ferrell “landlord” video, just in case somebody, somewhere out in the world hasn’t seen it yet. Enjoy…

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