Toof, Jennifer Love Handles

Toof, Jennifer Love Handles

You would have to ground a teenager and then lock him in his room with nothing but a laptop and some vintage Playboys to get music as outrageous, hormonally-charged, and wonderful as this. But Toof is no seventeen year-old wanker; he’s a man named Trey D’Amico who lives in Austin and might be in jail right now, or so his blog seems to suggest.

Toof’s Jennifer Love Handles is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the era of big synths and big hair, with songs that are shamelessly and viciously danceable. The lyrics to “The Theme Song to Boobies” consist entirely of the following: “Bumblebees dissaprove / Tight sweaters, go-go boots / Bumblebees, Juicy Fruit / Tight sweaters, go-go boots.” The words are nonsensical, lurid, and sticky enough to make the song an electroclash anthem of “We Will Rock You” proporitions. “Thinking About Me, Thinking About You” is a gentle explanation of tits and strap-ons over distorted Casio. “Marshmallow” is a slow, sweaty analog grind. Is Toof heavy metal, or is this electronica? I can’t decide.

Whenever the Travis County court system is through with Toof, he’ll find a happy following in fans of the electroclash revival, the kids who follow bands like Matik and The Klaxons to giant warehouse parties in Europe.

(Propeller Records -- P.O. Box 3010, Austin, TX. 78764-3010;; Toof --

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