Motion Commotion, Motion Commotion EP

Motion Commotion, Motion Commotion EP

They just don’t make ’em like this anymore (well, other than this CD, that is). With a tremendous range of musical styling, Motion Commmotion’s newest self-titled EP presents a landscape of spectral talents. From the violin and clarinet to rocking bass guitar and drums, the songs on this album flow in a way that truly complements the EP form. Each song has its individual merit, but as a whole, this album ranks one of the most cohesive EPs I’ve heard so far in this millennium. Songs “BBC Sue” and “Commotion” frame the album with rushes of rock n’ roll distorted guitar, but the meat of the EP lies in the melodic, introverted tracks sung by Emanuel Ayvas, who shares an often lugubrious-yet-sanguine style somewhere between Robert Smith from The Cure and Cinjun Tate of Remy Zero. The instrumentation provided by violinist James Wolf, bassist Elliot Stevenson, and clarinetist James Cuccinoto, all accomplished graduates from highly esteemed musical academies, provides interesting layers to Ayvas’s exploratory lyrics, bringing the tracks into a harmoniously emotional ambience. Realistically, this band has the potential to be one of the powerhouses of the music world. Motion Commotion blends beauteous melodious qualities and an eclectic “indie” format with catchy, passionate, and sophisticated songs, despite the band having only been together for a brief amount of time. I look forward to seeing what they can accomplish in the future.

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