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Just a quick early warning-type note: yours truly spent a good 2 hrs. last night at the Empire Cafe (mmm…Milky Way good…) chatting with the large crew of people involved in either/or soft-rockers The Western Civilization or their record label Mia Kat Empire, and a real-live interview thingy will be coming once I can actually transcribe the damn thing. (Have I mentioned that I’m starting to loathe microcassette recorders? Particularly ones that run out of batteries midway through the interview but keep the “batt” light on? Why I didn’t just record it straight to the iPod, I don’t know…)

I know I’ve blathered about these folks in the recent past, but once again I feel compelled to say that this band is very, very cool, one of the best things I’ve heard out of our fair city in quite a while. And after last night, I can say that they’re a genuinely nice bunch of people, as well. Check out the new CD, Letters of Resignation (avail. on the MKE site), and keep an eye out for the innavue…

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