Analog Heartbreak, Analog Heartbreak EP

Analog Heartbreak, Analog Heartbreak EP

Analog Heartbreak made me a little nervous with the liner notes to their self-titled EP. Not only do they thank the big J.C., but the cover features a tattoo bearing the legend “Deo Vindice,” or “protected by god.” Scary stuff for us secular types who still remember when people wore Stryper t-shirts.

Not to worry, though, as there’s nothing here but solid alt-country goodness. The band gels together well, and you can almost smell the stale beer and van sweat. If they do have a connection to the guy upstairs, Singer Ryan McClellan is using it to channel the voice of Warren Zevon. Listen to the first few lines of “I’ll Forget Again” and tell me I’m wrong. In the later songs it’s less obvious; McClellan has maybe a hint of a J. Mascis edge to his voice in the slower songs. He is a charismatic singer, however, and can navigate the terrain of country song heartbreak while avoiding the pitfall of being overly earnest.

If there’s something to gripe about here, it’s that four of the five songs share a groove that’s a bit Wilcoish, albeit grittier and bluesier. “Girl With A Broken Heart” slows down a bit and has a nice twangy lead break to change the pace. “I’ll Forget Again” stands out from the other four, maybe if only because you hear it first. Still, it’s the song I’d pick as a single, if I had to. Overall though, it’s a very solid effort from the type of band I’d rather see live than hear on record, if only for the possibility of a “Lawyers, Guns, and Money” cover.

(self-released; Analog Heartbreak --

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