tvfordogs, Roller

tvfordogs, Roller

Hmm. Lots of comparisons to the Foo Fighters in this one-sheet — color me ready to be disappointed. Indie-rock bands love to compare themselves to the Foo Fighters, almost as much as crappy horror films love to invoke the spectre of The Sixth Sense in their press blurbs. In both instances, though, more often than not, this marketing strategy has the opposite of the intended effect on me. I know that they’re lying through their teeth and trying to run a scam on the unsuspecting masses.

The Colour And The Shape it ain’t, but tvfordogs’ Roller could maybe bear a passing, second cousin-type resemblance to There Is Nothing Left To Lose — if you threw in a little Wilco, the Chili Peppers’ recent output, and the middle bunch of Pearl Jam albums (No Code through Binaural) for flavor. A lot of the songs actually sound like louder versions of songs you would hear on those “easy listening at work” stations. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not bad, but it’s not the aural assault that the press release would have you believe. I mean, comparing these guys to Queens of the Stone Age? Come on.

In their defense, tvfordogs do have some good songwriting chops, as well as an ear for groovy arrangements. They’ll probably be able to secure a safe spot on Adult Contemporary radio between the Third Eye Blinds and Matchbox Twentys of the world. Personally, I would rather the band buy a bunch of Triple Rectifiers, crank those mothers up, and deliver on some of the press kit promises for once.

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