Weird Coincidence Time

This is a wee bit strange. I tend to visit the Houston Press blogs a fair amount, partly because they’ve been kind enough to have this little site in their blogroll since the get-go, so the other day I got curious about some of the other blogs/sites listed. I happened to click on The Bald Heretic, since it was one of the ones I didn’t know much about, and the very first thing I saw was a picture of a guy who looked oddly familiar.

Wait a minute…oh, yeah. I remember now — this Jay Lee guy was the guy taking pictures at the Suspects reunion show. That makes sense, yep. (Turns out he was actually taking pics of openers The Aqua Velva, a B-52’s cover band, but eh, you get the point.)

Yesterday, then, I happened to be walking from my cube at DayJobCorpTM (which I like much better than OldDayJobCorp, Inc., I should add, because that job ended up being somewhat soul-destroying and frustrating), and lo and behold, who was walking towards me but Jay Lee of The Bald Heretic. Suddenly it dawned on me: Jay Lee. Ahh…that was the name of the IT guy who helped me fix stuff when I first started here, who I talked to over the phone but never met in person. Holy crap, that’s a little spooky.

To make things even stranger, it also turns out Mr. Lee happens to do the Technology Bytes show on KPFT, which I have listened to off and on for the past few years, mostly to confirm that despite my daily use of computers, I am still a relative idiot when it comes to how they work. (It’s all magic, people. Not electricity and logic, magic. No other explanation makes sense. It’s just like the Internet being a series of big tubes, really — a no-brainer.)

The bad part is that now I feel inexplicably nervous that the next time I pass the guy in the hall, he’s gonna turn around and punch me in the face. Why? I have no idea; that’s why I added the “inexplicably,” there. Of course, the odds that Mr. Lee will ever find this blog are pretty damn remote (although he is in the Flying Fish Sailors, who I think we link to), so I probably don’t have anything to worry about. Still feels weird, though…

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  1. SPACE CITY ROCK » “Through the Lens of the Bald Heretic” Exhibit, Opening Thursday on May 31st, 2011 at 9:48 am

    […] Beyond that, he also co-hosts the Technology Bytes show on KPFT, has played with folk band The Flying Fish Sailors since the late ’80s, and yes, is also one of the top IT guys where I work. He’s all-around Good People. (And no, the fact that he’s saved my ass electronically multiple times has nothing to do with this post; I liked the guy’s radio show, in particular before I realized I actually worked with him.) […]

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