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Coming Up... [2/10/2007 07:05:00 PM]:
Boy. You'd think that being sick and bedridden would mean I'd be blogging away, every chance I get, but no. Instead, what do I do? I sleep. And sleep. And sleep. I'm getting really fucking tired of being sick, seriously. sigh.

At any rate, there're some interesting shows coming up that I thought merited a mention here -- some coming up sooner than others, actually:

Sat., February 10 @ Fitzgerald's: Rock Tribute Show, featuring LoneStar PornStar (as The Red Hot Chili Peppers), Smoke Eaters (as The Pixies), Dead End Boys (as The Misfits), Morgue City (as The Cult), The Contingency (as Fugazi), Truck (as The Toadies), Brian's Johnson (as AC/DC), Hell City Kings (as TurboNegro), Mind's Eye (as Pink Floyd), & The Cameltoasters (as Wesley Willis)
Wow. I've seen more than my share of wacky tribute shows in my time here in the Glorious City of Space, but this one is pretty bizarre. No real "theme," as far as I can tell, and some of the bands are about as weird-ass a pairing as I can imagine. The Cult & Fugazi? TurboNegro & AC/DC? Pink Floyd &, well, pretty much anybody else on here? The icing on the cake, though, is the mere fact that some band of lunatics (The Cameltoasters, whoever they are) have seen fit to pay "tribute" to the questionable genius of the late, clinically-insane Wesley Willis. If I didn't have the flu, I'd be there, if only to hear "Vampire baaaaat / Bit me on the ay-us!"

Sat., February 10 @ Walter's on Washington: Sound Team/Gulf of Mexico
Okay, I give -- if I weren't sick, I'd probably be at this show tonight, to be completely honest. Sound Team are one of those rare Austin bands that make me want to take the self-titled Music Capitol of the World at its name. Good stuff. (Gulf of Mexico I know nothing about, sorry...)

Sat., February 10 @ Rudyard's: Jana Hunter/Matt Valentine/Erika Elder/Graustark
Ooh, now I'm really torn. I don't know Matt Valentine, Erika Elder, or Graustark (well, beyond the initial "hey, I used to know somebody who lived on Graustark" reaction), but Jana Hunter gives me chills. In a good way, unlike the way I currently have chills. Fuckin' flu...

Tues., February 13 @ Warehouse Live: Take Action! Tour, featuring Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Emery, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, A Static Lullaby, & Kaddisfly
Yeah, so I'm sure all the discerning indie-hipsters out there wouldn't touch most of these bands with a ten-foot pole, but the hell with it. Even if I'm not super-keen on the music (I like both Scary Kids Scaring Kids & Emery somewhat, actually), I have to respect the goal. Keeping kids from losing hope and taking their own lives is a pretty worthwhile cause, and the Take Action! Tours do a commendable job of delivering more than just empty slogans.

Tues., February 13 @ The White Swan: Defiance, Ohio/O Pioneers!!!/Papermoons
I have yet to hear O Pioneers!!!, but dammit, I love their name. One of these damn days...

Wed., February 14 @ Rudyard's: Morgue City/The Contingency
Both locals, I believe, and both pretty entertaining, at least what I've heard so far (and heck, both of 'em are also playing the mondo-tribute show tonight, albeit not as themselves). Of course, your Valentine's date may not be quite as appreciative, but hey, it's your call.



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