A Band Update, At Long Freakin’ Last

Damn. It really feels at times like I’ve neglected the Houston “side” of Space City Rock for the better part of five years now. And that sucks. Nobody to blame but me, unfortunately — with the house, the wife, the kid, and the attempt at making the e-zine “side” of the site work like, well, a real e-zine, I’ve tended to shove the Houston stuff aside.

The result of that is moments like last night, when I was going through the Bands page of this site, and I kept hitting little bits of various band blurbs that made me spit out my soda and yelp, “What? how fucking old is this?” And yes, it really has been that long since some of those writeups were updated, to the point where I ended up moving Los Skarnales, Panic in Detroit, and Sore Loser all over to the Band Graveyard. Sad, sad, sad, I know.

On the positive side, I added the first two “new” bands to the Featured Bands section in quite a while: Georgia’s Horse and Mansion, to be specific. I’ve only relatively recently heard either band (hard to believe, really, given how long Mansion’s been slugging it out in the scene; sorry, you guys), but they’ve both knocked me over in a big, big way in a pretty short amount of time. If you haven’t seen/heard them already, you really, really need to. Seriously.

At any rate, this hopefully will signify me turning over a new leaf for the “locals” part of SCR. Keep an eye on the Bands page, in particular, ’cause I’ll be attempting to add a bunch more deserving local heroes to the list in the coming days…

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