The Good Mornings, The Good Mornings

The Good Mornings, The Good Mornings

Rise and shine, kiddies. The Good Mornings are here to jump start your day with their self-titled debut album. Calliope bandmates Carmen Paradise and Jason Lantrip come together with their fellow Good Mornings counterparts to produce an album that rivals the prowess of a high school band jamming in their mother’s basement. Unfortunately, the record’s instrumentation is its only saving grace. Lantrip weaves together sounds of pleasurable sorrow and shoe-gazing goodness, yet never manages to converge with the less-than-poetic styling of singer/songwriter Paradise. While Paradise’s voice whistles with promise, the sophomoric tone of the lyrics read more like bad teenage prose. The vocals and music remained star-crossed lovers through the album’s entirety, never finding a way to come together in harmony.

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