Lamexcuse, All Important Little Things

Lamexcuse, All Important Little Things

Lamexcuse hails from the depths of Graz, Austria, bringing with them a pretty banal indie-rock album. Their debut release, All Important Little Things, has made its way to the States and is being touted as “The Proclaimers playing Moody Blues covers in Lindesfarne’s basement produced by an early eighties R.EM.” Lamexcuse couldn’t be a further representation of those bands. All Important Little Things does have some redeeming qualities, though. The songs, while not lyrical masterpieces, are catchy and complement the skillfully constructed melodies. While the acoustic vibe of the album is pleasant and palatable, the obvious talent of the band members seems to have been drowned out by complete mediocrity. All Important Little Things has all the makings of a solid indie-rock album, but overall there’s just nothing overtly, or even obviously, new and interesting about the music. Really, it’s just another Lamexcuse for an indie-rock record. Hey, I guess they couldn’t have described themselves better if they tried.

(self-released; Lamexcuse --

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