The Seximals, No Glamour All Frenzy

The Seximals, No Glamour All Frenzy

“I got Sunday School bruises and my share of Cathedral scars,” Anthony Barilla sings on “Bound For Glory,” the lead track on No Glamour All Frenzy. With simple acoustic strumming and stripped-down drums, the band’s music lends itself wholeheartedly to the song’s honest feel, which instantly intrigues the listener and takes the focus to the lyrics. Most of the album’s songs draw listeners in much the same manner, especially on “Gin Tango,” the electrified “The Utilitarians,” and “Drinking Song,” yet the band’s musical quasi-experimentation on “Bring Out Your Dead” and the female vocals on “Speakeasy” detract from the album’s overall moody effect.

The Seximals’ music deserves to be heard — unique in almost every way, their mostly acoustic and piano-based songs are perfect for that lazy afternoon, hazy morning, or smoke-filled coffeehouse. Whether the Houston act is still around, however, is anyone’s guess…

(Truth and Reconciliation Commission -- P.O. Box 131004, Houston, TX. 77219-1004; The Seximals --

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