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Time for a change... [1/12/2007 01:46:00 PM]:
Hey, folks -- Jeremy, head honcho of the chaotic mess that is Space City Rock, here with some news about, um, the "News" section. After much agonizing & such, the "News" section as such will be fluttering off into the ether, to be replaced by (dum da da dum) the absolutely-official, really-truly SCR Blog.

Some of you might remember way back in the day (Nov. '02 to Dec. '05, to be precise) when yours truly had a political-type blog, Something's Got To Break, which I ended up being just unable to keep up with and had to quit updating. I'm not trying to do that again, don't worry -- the pundit thing is waaaaay too time-consuming, and being a dad to a frighteningly smart/fast two-year-old and doing my thing as a daytime worker bee (on top of the SCR stuff, mind you), I just can't do it.

I'm not entirely sure what this little blog will be like, but while it will probably hit on politics occasionally, it's going to primarily be a place where I (and maybe other SCR folk; not sure on that front) rant/rave about music, art, movies, entertainment, and -- of course -- the fair city in which this e-zine's based. I can't promise it'll all be mind-blowingly enlightening, but hopefully it'll at least be entertaining.

So...to kick this thing off, I'd like to point/prod folks towards the good folks at NonAlignment Pact. The basic idea is that a distinguished crew of seven people to post to the blog about music, film, society, and all the rest, each on a specific day. The folks behind it are practically a who's-who of H-town "experimental"/quirky music scenesters & artists (several of whom are expatriates) -- contributors Doug Dillaman and Justin Crane have both been writers for our happy e-zine, in fact, since way back at the beginning, Ramon Medina is the man behind the Linus Pauling Quartet, Kilian Sweeney used to front de Schmog (and about a million other bands), John Cramer was in the legendary Mike Gunn and Project Grimm (and at one point got one of his bandmates to not kick my ass, for which I am still thankful), and Heidi Bullinga used to run the show at KTRU. The only member I'm not real sure about is Carlos Anaconda, but I'm sure he's quite a fellow, as well (the "snake invasion" bit was damn funny). Plus, other local and non- Houston scenesters appear pretty regularly in the Comments (heck, I hadn't heard a thing about ex-Jinkie Matthew Thurman in years).

So, I've been checking out the NAP site recently, and despite reading and reading and reading, I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. These are folks who think a hell of a lot more than I do about art and are much better at expressing the way they feel about it; it's pretty humbling, really. Critical smackdown aside, though, just reading their blog has inspired me to get off my ass and get this blog finally off the ground (the shift from "News page" to "actual blog" has been in the works for longer than I'd care to admit).

At any rate, that's it; go read some fine-ass writin' on NAP, and then come back and read this and tell me how much mine sucks.

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