Elevator Action, Society, Secret

Elevator Action, Society, Secret

Within seconds of hitting the Play button, Elevator Action has the hook: thick guitars and good melodies with grit and crunch. “Surely You Know,” the lead-off on the band’s new album, Society, Secret, has a quivering vocal which is quite Bowie-esque, yet more angular and rough which dangle nicely from the rough-and-ready riffage. When you think that you’ve got the band’s angle, though, they change to another clever direction. I follow unopposed.

The second cut, “Nuvo” sounds like the singer has changed his approach. Is it the same singer? I dunno, but I’m liking it; the Bowie is exchanged for a more angled, Joan Jett-style throaty yelp. Not to worry, because the guitars, the hooks, and the keep-’em-guessing approach is all still firmly in place.

Further along, the feel starts to veer into a more angular, punk template. There’s not a discernable treasure map here that dulls out (a la Jet, for instance). The playbook and styles are dabbled in, studied, and pulled off with finesse. There’re still the flavors of Bowie and Joan Jett, but it’s becoming more complex — I also hear Luke Steele, Ray Davies, even some Todd Rundgren.

The production is solid, the riffs are solid, and, most importantly, the songs are solid. There are harmonies, there are fantastic solos, great instrumentation, subtle touches and tones, flavors and nuances. I don’t love every song, I don’t even like every song, but every song will find its listeners. Each of these songs has its own glories and triumphs. This is an enjoyment for dedicated rock n’ rollers and casual spectators alike. Listening makes you want to see this band, have a drink with them, and be their friends.

(MoRisen Records -- 2125 Southend Drive, Suite 451, Charlotte, NC. 28203; http://www.morisen.com/; Elevator Action -- http://www.elevatoractionband.com/)
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