The Acrobrats, Go Down Swinging

The Acrobrats, Go Down Swinging

My first experience with The Acrobrats was when I got to play guitar for them at the Toxic Summer fest; I was the Grim Reaper and played “Callout,” the second song on the album. Of course, I’m talking about Guitar Hero, a game of which a number of Boston bands were lucky enough to be a part, including The Acrobrats.

They deserve to be on such a game, mind you, considering that the guitar work is on point and has great tone. Overall, Go Down Swinging is a well-produced punk album filled with catchy parts, vocals-with-attitude and short-but-sweet solos.

Having already heard and liked “Callout,” it was hard to give full attention to the first track, but I guessed that the disc would be a typical 30 minutes-or-less of my 40-minute commute. Track three, “Crash,” an enjoyable cover of the 1988 Primitives song , made me travel in my mind to a Mutt Cutts van with a couple of idiots on their way to Aspen to return a briefcase full of money. Keep in mind that I was seven when the song first came out.

The rest of the CD (and the first track) is pretty good; nothing too unique, though. I would rather listen to a number of the bands listed under “influences” on the band’s Myspace page, instead. The ‘brats’ actual Website could use some work, as well, as it seems outdated and could use more material.

Nonetheless, they have a lot of friends on their Myspace page, so they must be doing something right.

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