The January Taxi, Keep Quiet, They Might Hear Us

The January Taxi, Keep Quiet, They Might Hear Us

The January Taxi sounds to me like the missing link between Jawbreaker and Jets To Brazil — or, more appropriately, a cross between Dear You and Four-Cornered Night, perhaps with a hint of Spanaway for epic guitar-ness. TJT also reminds me a lot of Liars Academy for some reason — lots of comparisons, I know, but they’re a good thing (to my ears, at least). It would be really easy for this album to blow, mainly because the genre of melodic emotional rock that TJT treads around in has been so overdone by this point that most bands sound like innocuous, manufactured clones of one another. Fortunately, The January Taxi manages to infuse the songs with enough post-hardcore energy and abrasiveness to rise above the crowd.

Apparently, their tracks have been played on MTV and Fuse, so I’m glad that the guys in TJT are getting some recognition. Unfortunately, I’ve recently read that the band had to go their separate ways so that the members can concentrate on the “real world.” I think that the band recorded a full-length before they split up, so hopefully that will see the light of day, and maybe The January Taxi will see fit to reunite and tour in support of it. It would be nice to have another band out there creating pop that isn’t pap.

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