The Forecast, Late Night Conversations

The Forecast, Late Night Conversations

I’ve mentioned a couple of times in these pages that it seems like Victory is moving away from the hardcore types of music that established the label, in favor of more accessible, poppier fare. I guess The Forecast further proves that point. In all actuality, though, I think Victory is just broadening its roster (and has been since the days of Thursday) rather than eschewing harder bands altogether. Whatever the motivations, at least the quality control hasn’t gone out the window. Late Night Conversations is a better-produced, more accomplished take on what The Forecast put forth on Proof of Impact, without watering down the dynamics or just plain rocking the fuck out. Actually, I’d say that there are songs on here that rock even harder than those on Proof, as I remember it. The Forecast still utilize the male-female vocal dynamic to great effect, most especially on “Fade In Fade Out” (probably my favorite track on the album), which combines the unisex melodies and call-and-response shouts with buzzsaw guitars. There’s even an occasionally twangy, rootsy side to the band (“Helping Hands”) that exposes The Forecast’s Middle America roots. I like what I’ve heard so far from these guys (and girl), and can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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