Head Wound City, Head Wound City

Head Wound City, Head Wound City

Seven songs in nine minutes. That alone should give you, Constant Reader, an idea of what lies in store for you here. Just in case that’s not enough of a warning/invitation for you, you should know that Head Wound City features members of the Locust, Blood Brothers, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Take all those bands, and distill them down to their basest, most primal, most visceral, and you’ll have Head Wound City. Whenever I review a CD like this, it’s hard for me to say that I “enjoy” it…but then again, it’s probably hard for people to comprehend why I “enjoyed” Slayer or Mr. Bungle back in the day. This is the kind of music that pummels the listener into submission. I think it appeals to the part of the zeitgeist that is also responsible for Faces of Death, Ultimate Fighting, and Rotten.com (all of which I like, actually, so I’m not being smarmy). At any rate, if you like any of the member’s other bands, or Dillinger, or even stuff like Chimaira, then you might want to check out what Head Wound City has got going on. Everyone else, stay the hell away.

(Three One G Records -- Post Office Box 178262, San Diego, CA. 92177; http://www.threeoneg.com/; Head Wound City -- http://www.myspace.com/headwoundcity)
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