Aster, The Suitcase Sessions EP

Aster, The Suitcase Sessions EP

The sixties are alive and well in Aster’s world. The band incorporates understated vocals and infectious harmonies with low-key indie rock, complete with organ, harmonica, and a stripped-down drumkit. “Lift Provider” and “Counter Culture” are the best examples of the band’s broad range of sounds, and “Stop The Parade” is the closest the band gets to modern garage — Bryan Ellis and Tim Hussman constantly mix genres on the EP (there’s a definite Britrock influence), yet the Austin-based Aster never sounds like any particular influence. This is a good start; hopefully their full-length will be as adventurous.

(Aster Music -- P.O. Box 91722, Austin, TX. 78709-1722;; NONE)

Review by . Review posted Thursday, April 27th, 2006. Filed under Reviews.

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