The Kidnap Soundtrack, Beauty is the Other Dancer

The Kidnap Soundtrack, Beauty is the Other Dancer

This five-song CD from Houstonians The Kidnap Soundtrack is for those lovers of the heavy side of life. Its mellow beginning provides a relaxing mood until it leads into a rainstorm sound…where henceforth, the death metal singing (otherwise known as screaming) begins. I enjoy metal, but I’m not thrilled with the vocals on this CD; I feel certain, however, that some of the more hardcore metal fans out there would totally dig the vocals. Steady, simple, pounding rhythms poured out by the drums hit the listener before the enjoyable guitar parts take over. The second song, another standout, is chaotic, but in a good way. This CD is a very skillful compilation, with good transition from the smooth beginning through to the chaotic middle, which then turns startling, and finally into the rocking ’80s-type guitar piece which begins the final song.

This CD is definitely capable of taking you to a place that many other CDs would not. Overall, I’d say it’s a great CD with potential to greatly please those many metalheads still flourishing out there, unbeknownst to the mass pop climate.

(Moshmellow Records -- 1860 FM 359 #105, Richmond, TX. 77469;; The Kidnap Soundtrack --

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