The Hatepinks, Plastic Bag Ambitions

The Hatepinks, Plastic Bag Ambitions

Shortest… Album… Ever. At about sixteen and a half minutes, France’s The Hatepinks’ 2005 disc, Plastic Bag Ambitions, is typical get in-get out, in-your-face, fast as possible, world-hating punk. As far as punk goes, though I’m not a punk fan, this was pretty cool. The problem with punk, in my opinion, is that all the songs tend to sound exactly the same. There’s usually lots of energy, but no depth. This isn’t about my like or dislike of punk, however, so I’ll leave that for later. The Hatepinks seem to use humorous song titles and scathing lyrics that reflect the angst and styles of the original greats — this isn’t radio-friendly, Green Day/Offspring pseudo-pop-punk, mind you. This seems to be the real deal. If you’re a punk fan, this CD should be welcome on your shelf.

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